The Deal with Wheel Deal

Hello to all of our wonderful Wheel Deal players! We’re so glad that you are playing Wheel Deal and have so many suggestions, questions, and comments to share. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes with the game, and we thought we’d give you an update on some of the things we’re up to over here with a little Q&A based on the most frequent questions you ask us on Facebook, Twitter, and email…

Q: How do you determine who gets picked in the bonus rounds?

A: There was a debate going on for a while about whether random or most wheels was the most fun and fair selection process in the bonus rounds. When we asked you on Facebook in April which method you preferred, you overwhelmingly voted for most wheels.

And so we went with most wheels! What does that mean to you? It means that whoever has collected the most wheels from playing on the reels gets picked to win in the bonus rounds. Don’t stop spinning even if you don’t have many wheels, as you could still unlock the bonus wheel and get the largest bonus multiplier. Players’ wheel counts show up as the number inside the small wheel icon over their profile image.

Q: Why do I get so many green wheels?

A: We get this question all the time! First, a little bit about the wheels. In the bonus rounds, you have the chance to win a multiple of your bonus bank (collected on the reels) times the number you land on in the bonus wheels (if you are selected). There are five different types of wheels built into the game, each of which have different payouts and probabilities of showing up.

The odds of landing each of the wheels is random, though it’s not equal, so your chance of getting, say, a Twin Top wheel is much higher than your chance of getting an Ultimo wheel. We do this to make sure it’s as exciting as possible when someone wins big in the game. The two most common wheels are both green, hence why “the green wheels” get noticed so much.

For the statistically minded among you, the approximate breakdown of how often each bonus wheel appears (for 12 players) is: Twin Top (41%), Four Way (41%), Tripletto (12%), Quattro (4%), and Ultimo (<1%). Also, keep in mind that the more players there are at the table (maximium of 12), the higher the likelihood of landing better wheels, so make sure your friends join you!


Q: Does betting maximum on the reels affect which wheel comes up in the bonus round?

A: No it doesn’t. Feel free to place whatever bet amount you like in the game, it has no impact on which bonus wheel you’ll get.

Q: What’s up with the ghosts?

A: A “ghost,” as you’ve called it, is basically an inactive player who’s profile picture is still appearing at the reels and in the bonus rounds. The player may have completely exited the game, and won’t be selected in the bonus round since they’re not spinning. Those ghosts were caused by a technical glitch on our side–apologies for that! :( Today when we updated the site, we did some ghostbusting, so this shouldn’t occur anymore!

Q: What’s happening with the auto-spin?

A: Last week, you told us that some players were using an auto-spin tool that allowed them to repeatedly click on the spin button faster than a regular player could. There’s not much we can do technically to prevent this, but it is against the rules of the game to use external programs like the auto-spin that give some players more of an advantage than others. We are asking for your help in monitoring the games so that we can let auto-spin users know that this is not allowed in Wheel Deal. These players may honestly not know, so please be polite if you chat with them about it!

Let us know here in the comments if there’s anything else you’re dying to ask us or have any more ideas to share. Also, if you haven’t already tried it yet, make sure to download our new Yazino Slots iPhone app to play Wheel Deal on the go!


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  3. Lou Anne Tiller on

    Thanks so much Yazino for keeping us updated and answering the many questions we have. Getting rid of the ghosts was my fav to read.

  4. Sabrina on

    hi, thanks for listening and responding back to our many questions! One thing that I know alot of players complain about is the daily bonus, with the wheel deal game $2500 can go in a matter of minutes. Why can’t we be allowed to send and received gifts from our friends? Maybe if we had this choice we would recruit more players to your site/games.

  5. Ruben Gonzales on

    Well, during the tournament i entered, everything froze, one round was played and I was not able to join. Second time this happened. What kind of updtaes did you guys do? No one else was allowed to continue the game I entered. What happened. Will we get our chip back.


  6. Jo Dorkyqueen on


    I would like to see announcements in the rooms about, that the max betting doesn’t affect the wheels. Since a lot of people don’t read the blog or the wall.
    Also i would like to see, if your playing on your Iphone/pad, that when you come in a room, that it will show behind your name *Iphone/pad*, so people will know you can’t chat and not being rude.
    Also, when playing on the Iphone/pad, it would be nice to click on a friends picture, so you can join them, instead of going in just a room, since you can’t change rooms and can’t find those friends.


  7. Diane Fournier on

    Supposedely the wheels are random, well not by what you say here. What is with the good wheels having the lower percentage?????? That is totally unfair, at least you get a better chance with them. Really, this does not make much sense!!!! Please, do something, this game is really getting boring!!!

    • alyssa on

      Hi Diane, the wheels are random, but as we say here, the probability is not equal. This isn’t at all meant to be unfair, and many players do win lots of chips in the game. If the highest paying wheels were always coming up, the excitement of winning big wouldn’t be quite as thrilling! We wish you the best of luck in the games.

  8. Tanya Mendez on

    Okay, for those of us who have slower internet connections…the “players with the most wheels get picked during bonus round”…IS NOT FAIR. Every round i play, I might get a wheel or 2 every 6 or 7 spins, while other players are up to 8 or 10….and before ever getting chosen on a wheel, I have lost a lot more than I have gained. Can u look back at my CC payment history to see that I purchase chips? And how fast they are gone??? I feel it is only fair i be reimbursed something. This is the 3rd emaIl/message i have sent Yazino.

  9. Billie on

    I completely agree with Patsy! Those 2′s are totally frustrating, if I am playing and the Four-Way shows up for the bonus, I try to make sure I am not picked because I hate getting the 2, which it seems like I get a lot. Also, it would be nice if you kept your bank if you leave a room. There are times when I am playing and am interrupted or have to go do something else or am low on tokens, etc……I would like to be able to leave the room and have my BB saved for the next time. Any chance of that happening?

  10. Jenna McCoy on

    Have you thought about adjusting the payouts on spins to be more in line with Vegas-style slots? It’s hard to keep playing when your chips are getting eaten at a hellishly bad rate. If you don’t get the bonus or spend real money, there’s no way you can keep playing.

  11. angie kins on

    I think once the wheel deal begins noone should be able to join in and spin for the bonus wheel. It is so unfair and players get really upset by this. We use all our chips just to get to the wheel deal and then someone that joins while the wheel deal is on and they spin away especially when it is a good wheel and you could have spun 100 wheels and they come in and spin once and win. I think that is not right. I also think that if there is only two people playing and a four way comes it should randomly pick seats to make it pay four seats. And the last thing I think that when we win the center of the wheel deal our seats should count too. I hope you takes these suggestions into consideration.

  12. Michele Groulx Parker on

    When a new player signs on the are automatically directed to the high rooms…because they have not been playing they do not have their bank of chips built up so one spin and they are done…Is there anyway they can automatically be directed to the lower rooms so that way they have a choice as to what room they start in. It is okay to explain to new players about the other rooms, but after having this happen several times in an hour or so it get very old….

  13. Elizabeth Tudor on

    I know your gonna get a lot of complaints on this blog , but you will also get a lot of good info on it. I think this is a great idea (the Blog) thanks for adding it

  14. Jerri on

    Is it my computer???? I try to go to a slots room, and it takes 5 minutes every time to get there. I will get to the screen “Wheel deal will open in a few seconds” and I sit for at least 5 minutes. Sometimes, I just turn the computer off!!! As for the auto spin thing….I played in a room with three ladies who chatted between each other CONSTANTLY while spinning and getting high numbers of spins every time. I asked them how they could chat and spin like that…they gave an answer that they used one hand. I can’t type and spin at the same time. Just saying.

  15. jody fox on

    yes wut is up with the sevenswhy dont they reword the players

  16. Cindy Schaeffer on

    Thank you for all the great information on here.. Many great ideas.. I have this app on my Itouch and seems everytime I play and get a great bonus bank built up it loses connection to your server and I lose everything . I saw alot of complaints about that problem.. Have you or can you look into that problem? .. Thank you very much. =)

  17. Jackie on

    Why not give players more than 2500 – the game is so much fun but payout is low.

  18. Deborah Kay Trivette on

    Why are my chips less when i log in than they were when i logged out . Example;; last night log out @ 57,764.00 then log in and got 2500 bonus , total now is @ log in 60,051.00 lost 200 plus credits

  19. marcie tatum on

    just wondering why after i get on yazino it won,t let me play any games.

  20. Karen Kavanagh on

    Hi Team Yazino,

    Is it possible to replace all the “7″‘s on the reels that currently don’t pay anything with something that does pay? Could the 7′s be worth something (anything) – for example – less than the current lowest paying symbol (which I think are Jacks)? I often get 4 or 5 sevens on a reel which pays zero. It’s a bit frustrating and I believe it could only add that “extra dimension of reality” to all your loyal Yazino Slots players.
    My hubby and I both love the Wheel Deal and play every day. Keep up the good work. Top marks for your interaction with your loyal supporters. It’s great to know you care what we think! …… Karen

  21. Baisah on

    I love the game and play every evening… I think there are entire too many 4 way grenn wheels. I can play 50k and every bonus round is that darn green wheel with.1k 2 spots…. I can play 20k & win 2k?????? That’s when its not fun

  22. Annette on

    I also played Texas Holdem and they can transfer chips from one player to another. The first time I had over 3M chips and soneone (probably a poker buddy) got into my account on facebook and changed my password and took all my chips. This happened 4 or 5 times. I would get a email confirming my address change and I go into it in the morning and all my chips were gone. I contacted FB and they tracked it down to someone in Indonesa.but couldn’t do anything for me. I lost interest after that. That can also happed to Wheel Deal if you transer chips, Then again people will be angry. I guess its a catch 22 situation.

  23. Mildred on

    what’s the point in having 777 on wheel and not getting paid for it…they are just in the way of a real WIN

  24. kathy on

    i havent been able to the games to work for days

  25. kathy on

    i cant it to play for days is the site down

  26. michael matthews on

    my question is why do you start people off with 2500 a day.People can not play that long can you in the future maybe raise it higher so people can play longer

  27. toni on

    on behalf of mother and daughter team, ToniLee and Nanna/AussieP, we are having a fun time with the wheels game on Yazino. We live in separate houses next to eachother, and we have certain times of day that we meet online and play wheels. we each wish one was a fly on the other’s walls some days as to hear the whooping and cheering going on eachother’s house. when we take a break, we meet outside in the patio area of the houses and chat about the close misses and hits and which certain players seem to have consistent luck and how we wish they would leave the room and let us have a shot, we laugh and giggle about how each of us was helping the other push the wheel toward the 1000x or 500x bonus #, or how my dad would be in the background in the living room astonished how mum could be hollering at a computer monitor cheering me on in a game, or cursing the round that we lost, such fun. Mum is older and we are both on fixed incomes, so buying chips is not an option for either of us, but she too is unable to participate in the earn chips task options also, she’s just able to understand how to use the computer enough to access and play her games, which is all my brother set her up to do in anycase due to her limitations. So, if you have any way I can donate my good fortune when I win extra to her, I would be happy to know how, tho, lately I havent been so lucky, But just incase I do get a bit of luck, I would love to donate/gift her some chips.

  28. KJ Walsh on

    Downloaded the iPad app today, and wanted to give some feedback. First of all, there was a recurring problem using Facebook log-on. Secondly, it kept losing the connection with the server. I considered it might be my connection, so I went into the room with the wireless router and it still dropped connection, or the wheels froze, or the tray that pulls out so you could change your bet amount wouldn’t go back in.

    Very frustrating. It even twice gave me a message that I “touched” the ipad wrong!

    Three resulting problems from all the freezes. First, if you can rejoin the game, you lose any wheels you have gained. Second was the cash. I would play a few rounds at $200 a bet, then freeze. By the time that happened, it was a new game, so it started me with 4400 instead of 5000. Most significantly, the money is taken from the bonus pot. One hame I was a wheel leader with 19, had been betting the maximum, and worked the bonus pot up to $240 before I started dropping again fron 14000 to almost nothing. Didn’t matter though, the bonus was there, I was a wheel leader, all I had to do was play a dollar a spin and collect wheels, and I would have had a nice bonus at the end. Then the game froze, and when it came back I had no wheels, and the 240 had been moved out of the bonus pot. Grrr…

    Hope you get the kinks worked out. THanks for the above blog, it helped me understand the game a lot better.


    • alyssa on

      Hi KJ, thanks for the feedback. We’re coming out with a huge update for the Slots app in a couple weeks, so make sure to Update your app from iTunes. It should address most of your comments there.

  29. Calissa on

    okay so neither the 7s or the bonus wheels allow you to win any tokens, furthermore they both make any payline void which totally stinks so how about combining them since neither of them payout or something.. i just think it really sucks when you’re low on chips and then spin and get two cars and a couple of bonus wheels.. come up with something folks i lose alot all the time but i dont usually come home rich from the local casino either.. people need somewhere to win something i also like the idea that you get rid of the twos on the 4way that comes up so often.. make that wheel 5,10,12,20

  30. Karen Lee on

    I love this game but i never got my free credts for the five friends that i got to join and they play the games

  31. Jenny on

    i like the wheel deal but its kind of confusing

  32. Lois A McQueen on

    Why do you have “7″s* in this game if they do not mean anything?

  33. jeremy on

    your numbers are more probablity than statistics, sorry to burst your bubble on that…

  34. Berniece on

    i can not get chip from my friends and when i win please let me now way this is happen

  35. Trudy on

    why am I only getting 100 chips for leveling up to 2…200 for leveling up to3 and so on ????? No one else is having this problem.

  36. Robin on

    I would like to know if anyone else is having trouble with keeping their chips one second I have some and the next they are gone —for the bestest part I only bet 5x max cause I only have daily chips to use—-Please think hard about raising the amount of daily chips 2500 doesn’t last long .


  37. joan rowles on

    How do I get onto the free slots wheel deals

  38. Kelly Neel on

    You need to change the stats on the green wheels you they are more ecxiting no their not when you are betting 200 and all you win is 10 or 40 you would like to make up for it in the wheel deal. I have sat and played 10 wheel deals in a row with a full table and only 1 was not a green wheel. This sucks!!!!!!!

  39. Kathy Binkley on

    why do you have the 7′s on there if you do not get anything for them? Seems silly

  40. Fearby Minor on

    I have not been getting chips far my friends that join far some weeks,they get theirchips but I don’t starting from Kaity could u plz. check this so i can play. ty

  41. Misty on


  42. Irene Bordner on

    How about once a player reaches 20 Wheels, the bonus wheel comes up and selects the players with the highest wheel, including the player who got 20 wheels first. Have seen way too many bonus rounds on green and twin wheel, where 40 -60 wheels are needed, before players are selected. A player could be out of daily chips in one game based on their bet. I don’t think that will impact players buying tokens, because those of us who buy, do so because they enjoy the game and feel they are being treated fairly, and have a chance of getting more tokens for future sessions.

  43. marttha.houison on

    Have you ever considered a spin that happens randomly if you are a winner on the bonus round. Not every time but maybe every hour as an extra bonus. The winner of the bonus round would get double the prize. Players would not know when this would happen so it would be a double surprise. By the way I love the pop ups they are very informative thanks!!

  44. Eniko on

    I was in the site today and had a lot of trouble with the connection. My reels were spinning and nothing was happening. The players on the room got very upset at me thinking that I wasn’t playing on purpose. This was not the case at all. The game did not work right ok my laptop. I had one player that got very irate and started calling me all kinds of names. I was so upset that I left and deleted your room off of my Facebook page. It was very scary and evenly very upsetting. Otherwise I loved your game but will not play if your players treat other players this way!!!!!!

    • alyssa on

      Hi Eniko, sorry that happened to you. You can report abusive players to our support team so we can take action. Just send the name of the player you’re reporting and the table number of the game it happened on to

  45. Esther A. Moss on

    Now that the bet is higher I could only stay in the game less than one hour and it is going to be much longer before I even get the extra bonus I have been playing this game everyday , I have invited some of my friend to play did not get my 5000 chips, couple days my wheel just spin spin lost a lot of chips and did not get them back, I think you should give more stars and cars since we have tohave more chips to play to stay in the game a little longer, just my opinion.

  46. Margie Shay on

    why is it that when our minumum chip value was raised to 100, our daily chips were not raised also? We go through them so fast, there is no way to win or get ahead?

  47. Margie Shay on

    I also recieved a spin where all 7′s were on the same payline. Why does that not payoff? It seems that would be the grand chip prize. I received nothing!

  48. Dawna Sunquist on

    I’d like to ask why you don’t take facebook credits as payment for chips. I dont/wont use a credit card on a site like this and credits are much safer and easier to use. All of the other games I play take them … why not Yazino?

  49. cindy dawson on

    how come you lose bonus bank during game if you have to buy coins? this happened twice.

  50. lisa b on

    there has got to be a way we can earn more chip? you went up on the bet to 100 but you didn’t raise the chip amount you give us each day? if you wont raise the chip amount at least give us a way to earn more instead of having to buy them ever day you want to play.

  51. Linda Rein on

    When playing slot wheel, I’ve noticed I must collect 25 wheels to get 24!! In other words, as the bonus is counting upward (as u get wheels) mine stays on 24 for 2 times before moving to 25.


    i can’t get yazino wheel slots to come up on my computer says site is unavailable,when i sign in says that my e-mail and password is wrong,been using it for over a week. thank you .

  53. Mike lynn on

    Thanks for the information here,answered a lot of my questions.

    Now for the complaint. The most annoying thing in the world to me is to be in a room playing and have people constantly “yelling” at other players to “SPIN OR LEAVE” .It seems to me from reading the blog,that what other players are doing has no affect on my game so this rude behavior is totally out of order. This has never been directed at me,but it really sort of ruins the experience. Maybe a little message to folks to “Please be polite ,play your own game,and mind your own business” would be helpful?

  54. debbie murawski-papero on

    Why when you get to 24 wheels does the next wheel stay at 24. You still get the money in your bank but the wheel does not to go 25 until you get another wheel.

  55. Lorraine Kochanski on

    What about people that just come into a room and just sit there for a while. Does this make any difference on the wheels at all? People are always yelling at people that do this… This is an important question. I’m sure you know this. Adults turn into children with the “I’m going to report you” mode. Thank you….

  56. norma kotsos on

    Just to let you know just this week I was at a table with 12 players most were playing 2k we got green

    wheels only for about 10 or 12 rounds. So it makes no difference. And i noticed thal when we have big bonus banks the wheel comes green. I would say 60% green 25% twin 10% blue 4% quatro and 1% ultimo. You should try to fix it to make it more fair.

  57. Cindy lydon on

    Hi. love wheel game..but why not have a daily spin wheel with various dollars (like egames) and each day you come on continuous you get that day plus they day before up to 5 days. lot bettter than 2500 per day cause even betting 25 lines at min bet goes very fast. also, daily bonus bank start up would be great if started say 20.00 each time you go to wheel and get picked then back to zero and chances are winning very little with green wheels and takes many, many spins to get it up to any substantial value. Love the game and prefer this game to others on egames but chips given are not enough to play with versus egames daily chip awards. Keep on improving and thanks for creating this game.

  58. Jana Hahn on

    There was a player yesterday that said if someone wasn’t spinning she could report them and get them kicked out of the game. I asked her who said. She said it was in the rules. I couldn’t find it. I thought she was rude. Sometimes people need to check on a child or dinner or go to the restroom.
    Am I wrong?

  59. Carol Stapp on

    I know this is not true I have seen too many times a new spinner getting picked for top wheel you have to check your info. This should be for top spinners only, check the table chat you’ll see. Also you give tripletto as a bonus wheel and so many times twos come up, If it is a bonus increase the prize amounts for goodness sake, thats what is frustrating your regular players

  60. Margie on

    Bottom line….they are games to be played to have FUN! Occasionally I have to step away from the computer. No matter what the circumstance, I shouldn’t have to get back on with a note “YELLING” at me to “spin or leave the room.” People need to mind their OWN business. If they don’t like the way the room is, get out and find another. Where’s the fun?

  61. Bertie on

    I am new to this game so had a question. When I invite friends to join and they do I do not received my chip bonus. How do I get this. Also, last week I received a email saying that if I post on mmy page I would received chips and this is not happened. Is there something I am doing wrong? Please help!!

  62. Janet Calvo on

    Please consider removing the 2′s from the wheels. It is so frustrating to wait a long time to be selected and then end up getting a 2.

    Also, I don’t know why 7′s have no value. It seems odd that it is the only symbol without some payout.

    We should be able to keep our bonus bank when moving to another table or logging off. It takes so long to build it up, we should be able to keep it in our account.

    I voted this morning to reinstate the one chip bet. When you are low on chips, the one chip bet really helps..

    Thanks for a great game.

  63. MenDee on

    I love the purple Quattro

  64. Gayle Kessinger on

    I haven’t had much luck with my iPad or iPhone download. I get to the wheel, thinking its time to win big & get kicked off the game. Support has always helped me when this happens but it sure isnt fun when it happens.

  65. KathieLea Varnado Bradfield on

    I LOVE this game, but unfortunately I can’t play as much as I would like because I run out of chips so quickly. The last few games I have played have yielded me very few wheel symbols or wins. I realize that it is a game of chance, but I was wondering if you could check into this for me to see if everything is running smoothly? It just seems odd that I could bet 100 – 200 chips at a time and still run completely out of my 60,000 bank in such a short time because there are so few pays. This morning I started with 4300 and was out of the game (with no bonus spins, mind you) in about 10 minutes because my spins yielded nothing. :-(
    Thanks for trying to make this game a truly entertaining experience!

  66. Jamie on

    Why aren’t the 7′s worth anything?

  67. kathy on

    so what about in the bonus round i keep see my wheels not adding i can get two wheel and it only counts 1 where in that case i lost alot of the big round by one its not fare please check this out it happends alot

  68. Gloria on

    I love the concept of Wheel Deal, who ever created the concept is a genius. That being said, I feel you are alienating your customer base. I really think the developers should take the 2500 chip bonus for 2 or 3 weeks and play the game as a regular player. You will understand better what your customer base is trying to tell you!!

    I am going to give you the reasons why I dislike the way it is implemented :
    1: Daily bonus is far too low ( might be worth looking at other apps to see how they reward their players, Dbl Down C is a good example).
    2. The slot spins are horrible, sucks the daily credits up in one round.
    3 The 2x wheel is ridiculous, the lowest wheel payout should be 20 x,

    I know for a fact there are people like myself who spend money playing some of the facebook apps they enjoy, the reason why we enjoy them is we know we are getting a good bang for our buck, and we will have a good gaming experience for weeks not hours.

    What happened to the “WHEEL DEAL TOURNAMENT COMING SOON”, it was posted during the summer and was taken down. If you held tournaments for a buy in of a portion of the daily chip, that would be a way to draw people in, if it is thought out and implemented the right way.
    I would love you to address my comments and critiques.

  69. Deborah on

    We need more chips now that the minium is five. I live the game but I dont get much play out,of 2500.

  70. Teresa on

    Just wondering if you have thought of having the person iwho won the wheel to get the value that lands on their seat as well as the others – some time the others are 2s or 5s and my seat hits the 20x and if there are not 4 players then the game should randomly pick the extra seats so that you get all 4 amounts especially if you are keeping the 2x.

  71. Diane on

    Thanks for the info….is there anything you can do to fix the many, many problems with the iPad app? I am constantly being told my finger is not working (lol) and that I have been disconnected from the server…and that Facebook is ot cooperating. Whatever the reason, I am losing many bonus points and am not having the opportunity for the big wheel. I love this game. Thank you.

  72. Dee Bizekgross on

    I have written your support many many time, about how my wheel keeps spinning, stalling, and my chips disappears without me playing at that moments. Every time I play this happens and now even worse. I provide them with all the info you require for these issues and the response is “we need the info we require”. Since I have written several times and trying to get help, I feel my account has been flagged. You discriminated against certain players and allow certain other players to win over and over again. Now you have taken away FeedBack and stealing our chips.

    • jwebber on

      Hi there Dee,

      Thanks for your query, have your questions been answered by support ( or via the Support tab on Facebook?

      Many thanks,


  73. Dee Bizekgross on

    Hi jwebber,

    I have tried both supports provided. I can not get any answers to any of my questions. Support at Yazino Always write “we will look into it” and NEVER get back to me. Support on Facebook writes “We need this information” that I always give them. Both places are sweeping these issues under the rug, and basically telling me to get lost.


  74. Cindy on

    I’d like to see it where we would be able to keep our bonus bank until the next time we play…and higher multipliers on the 4 way green wheel… you see anything like this happening anytime soon????

  75. I’m extremely inspired along with your writing abilities as well as with the format for your weblog. Is that this a paid topic or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice high quality writing, it is uncommon to look a nice weblog like this one these days..

  76. virginie on

    bonjour je voudrais que c e passe t il en ce moment car je n arrive plus a jouer ca me marque wheel deal slots should start in a few second alors quelqu un peu me dire qu es ce que c est et quand le jeu va reprendre pour que je puisse jouer je vous remercie d avance

  77. Aaron Aymami on

    I am really tired of players on Yazino harrassing other players for not spinning. As you state here it is clear that the wheels are random and I do not agree with players trying to control how someone decides how to play the game. If this is a rule it should be stated somewhere and the harrassment should be ended. This needs to be addressed and clarified so everyone understands if this effects the game in any way. If this continues I will also no longer want to play this game. I ask other players when I see them harrassing others to mind their own business and then I get attacked with name calling and rude comments. I do not play this game to see others treated badly for playing how they want.

  78. NucRx on

    What does the purple number in the upper right corner of a player’s profile pic mean?

  79. Mae on

    It’s happened to me about five times already that the wheel freezes up and for some reason it takes all my money out of my bonus bank and doesn’t even credit me in any way. It’s just all gone! Very frustrating when you rack up a lot in the bonus bank. Why is it doing this????

  80. Valuable information. Fortunate me I found your website by chance, and I’m shocked why this coincidence did not came about in advance! I bookmarked it.

  81. Scott on

    Ok now where do I find the Wheel Deal app for android? I searched everywhere and get nothing but a dead end. I found the poker one but I hate poker in general.

  82. Brenda on

    I just played Wheel Deal, and lost all my chips because of the new way they have you place bets. I hate it. I used to be able to lower my bet when my chips got low. When they asked for my bet I chose 100 thinking that was total bet, but, no, it was 100 times 20…in the regular game I could go down to 100 and it was 100, not 2k. Now I am broke, the little bit they give us daily won’t keep you playing even 10 minutes, so I guess it is good bye wheel deal, I am not spending my money for the over priced chips. no more yazino for me

  83. Pete on

    I was playing and got knocked off with over 10,000.00 points in my bonus bank. I understand that this can be investigated and reinburseted to my account. Please look in to my problem

    Thank you,


  84. jennifer on

    Why is there even a 10 on the ultimo. Everytime I was picked I got a 10. whats the ppoint of calling it ULTIMO?

  85. Jeffsjenny on

    After the last update I can’t even log in anymore…what’s the deal?????

  86. Debbie on

    I have been playing this game for a long time and now every time I try to play it won’t come up. Please fix it was one of my favorites.

  87. Nancy Miller on

    I keep getting the message they can’t upload yazino server information. Is this something you are working on?

  88. pgflower on

    I had won 42,000.00 and it was deposited to my account. I had to leave the computer, when I returned the 42,000 was gone. I earned it by being the person in the middle and someone landed on 500. This happened two days ago at about 11:00. Please help. I played from the google site.

  89. jane on

    Why can’t u log in through Facebook sometime. It will say log in failed

  90. Nina on

    Lost over a million when game froze is there a way to get it back?

  91. raul on

    just had a question -can a player (friend) transfer thier chips to anther player if they dont want to keep playing anymore? please reply and if they can how do they go about it? thank you for your time

    • alyssa on

      Hi Raul, no, you can’t transfer chips to another player in our games. Best way to get chips is to play every day, collect the daily bonuses, and win in the bonus rounds. Good luck!

  92. judy on

    I love the new colors and the new wheel ordeal. BUT I HATE what you currently did to the game this week. I may never play again. Its not fun anymore and I may just delete the game all together, you have taken the enjoyment away. I am not the only one who feels this way. Through chatting while playing I brought it up and everyone had something negative to say about it. please put it back.
    Thank you